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Finally, a complete book that covers it all for the beginning percussionist. This comprehensive percussion curriculum will provide the beginning student with a basic foundation for becoming a well rounded percussionist. This book is a combination of both Simple Steps books, which provide the most innovative approaches to help the beginning percussionist develop technique, rhythm, and ensemble awareness in a simultaneous manner. It includes many photos, descriptions, and musical exercises which can be played together simultaneously.

Simple Steps to Beginning Percussion

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  • Simple Steps to Successful Beginning Percussion is Wylie's most popular and best selling text, providing a comprehensive percussion curriculum for beginning percussion students.

    Simple Steps starts with basic foundations of grip and technique, and progresses through various skill sets and techniques that build students into well rounded percussionists, instructing students on snare drum, mallets, drum set, bass drum, cymbals, accessories, and world percussion! The book includes many photos, well organized descriptions, easy to read exercises, and lots of musical examples to help students improve.

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