What is included with my subscription plan?

All Red and Blue Plan members will receive two video lessons every week for 37 weeks, as well as any additional downloadable materials.  Blue members will receive a code to sign up for our Google Classroom where they can upload videos of assignments each week and receive written feedback. 

When will my credit card be charged?

All members have a 7 day free trial at NO charge.  Billing will begin after the first seven days and continue monthly until cancelled or course is completed ( 9 months).

Can I enroll at anytime?

Yes, students may enroll at any time of the year and begin the course.

Will I have access to all the videos?

Yes, students will have access to all videos in a gradual process (2 per week).  Access links

will be available throughout active membership period.  All passwords will be invalid after cancelled plans and/or completion of course.

Who might benefit from the K. Wylie Virtual School of Percussion?

This instructional series is intended for those interested in learning how to play percussion from the onset.  It is presented in a very logical progression and has proven very highly successful.  

Both young students and music educators alike would benefit from the vast amount of information included.   This course can also serve well as a supplemental tool.

What materials do I need for the course?

Materials needed include snare drum sticks, snare drum or practice pad, keyboard instrument, keyboard mallets, metronome, pencil, and a WINNING ATTITUDE!  The Welcome Tab includes a video which describes all of these items in more detail.

Do I need music or a book?

No, but many of the examples used in this course will come from Simple Steps to Successful Beginning Percussion Book.  Click on the book to purchase.   Additional examples will be available in downloadable PDF format.

What if I cannot keep up with the class?

No worries, try your best.  Every student learns at a different rate.  Regular practice is highly encouraged and will help consistent improvement.  

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Please send any questions to Kennan Wylie at